MLPLCA401A – Manage legislative requirements for the sale, supply and service of liquor

Nationally Recognised Training

MLPLCA401A – Manage legislative requirements for the sale, supply and service of liquor

Unit of Competency:  MLPLCA401A – Manage legislative requirements for the sale, supply and service of liquor

This unit is designed for:

  • Licensees
  • Unrestricted Approved Managers

MLPLCA401A – Manage legislative responsibilities for the sale, supply and service of liquor is the mandatory training as specified by the State Licensing Authority, Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor for Unrestricted Approved Managers and Licensees.

Successful completion of this unit will demonstrate compliance with the mandatory knowledge requirements as specified by the Liquor Control Act 1988; and satisfy the training requirement for persons applying for a Liquor Licence or an Unrestricted Approved Manager ID card in WA.

Clubs WA Member Pricing

Members, volunteers and staff of Clubs WA Members are able to purchase this course for $99.

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Overseas Students

If you are currently an overseas student or in Australia on a Student Visa you are NOT eligible to enrol into this course with Clubs WA (Hospitality Alliance Training) as we are not CRICOS/ELICOS registered.

For further information visit the CRICOS website at:

To create your personal Student Account you will need

  • a valid email address

During enrolment, acceptance of the following terms and conditions is required:

  • I declare that the information I have provided is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct; and
  • I have reviewed and accept the terms and conditions as provided in the Student Handbook; and
  • I am not an Overseas Student as defined in Section 5 of the ESOS Act 2000.

Technical Requirements

  • Computer or internet capable phone/tablet with:
    • audio/video/video-capture/webcam; and
    • PDF reading capability

How to get your certificate

This is an ungraded, competency-based assessment.  You will be assessed as performing ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Not Yet Satisfactory’ on each assessment.

To satisfactorily complete your training, you must:

  • Demonstrate 100% competency for the:
    • Knowledge-based assessment; and
    • Assignment Task; and
    • Competency verification video.
  • Submit a video:
    • Verifying your identity as per instructions provided; and
    • Confirming you undertook the training and assessment.

Upon satisfactory completion of these requirements, you will receive a final result of 'Competent' for the unit and a Statement of Attainment will be issued.

Authenticity Declaration

You will be required to submit a video as below, along with a copy of the identification used.

  1. State your full name and date of birth
  2. Show satisfactory identification
  3. Verbally confirm you were the person that undertook the online assessment
  4. Verbally confirm you are not in Australia on a Student Visa

Please Note:  In all instances of receiving a foreign passport or ImmiCard, Clubs WA (Hospitality Alliance Training) will verify the student’s study entitlements using VEVO.