Club Management in WA

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Club Management in WA

  • Certificate of Completion

Developed by Clubs WA for Club Managers and staff of WA Licensed and Community Clubs

This is not the training required to apply for an Approved Manager Card in WA.
If you require an Approved Manager Card in WA – you will need to complete: MLPLCA001 – Manage legislative requirements for the sale, supply and service of liquor

This course is contextualised for Western Australia and references the Liquor Control Act 1988 and the Associations Incorporation Act 2015.

  • Are you aware of your legal requirements as a Manager of a club in WA?
  • Need to know more about legal compliance and how it impacts you and your club?
  • Would you like a refresher on liquor compliance to make sure you can pass any unannounced inspections?

Clubs WA encourages Club Managers and staff to undertake this course.  Board/Committee members should undertake Committee and Board Compliance training.

  • Also available as a face-to-face workshop
  • For further information, visit Clubs WA events

Clubs WA Member Pricing

Members, volunteers and staff of Clubs WA Member Clubs are able to purchase this course for $49.

  • If you don’t know your club’s discount code, contact Clubs WA to take advantage of Clubs WA Member Club Pricing.


  • To enrol, a valid email address is required
  • During enrolment, you will be required to accept the terms and conditions.

Note:  All courses have a time limit of 3-months from the date of registration for training and assessment to be completed.


Prior to the issuance of your Certificate of Completion for Club Management in WA, you will be required to complete the Learning Materials and Assessments.

This is an ungraded, competency-based assessment.  You will be assessed as performing ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Not Yet Satisfactory’ on each assessment.

To satisfactorily complete your training, you must:

  • Demonstrate 100% competency for the Knowledge Assessments (online); and
  • Submit a copy of satisfactory identification


  • Student Handbook – download from website and student portal
  • Student Training Manual – download from student portal
  • Learning Materials – view online via link from student portal
  • Online Assessments – complete during the Learning Materials

Technical Requirements

  • Valid email address
  • Computer or internet capable phone/tablet with PDF reading capability


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